We accept current, like-new, designer brand clothing.

All items must be in something hard - no trash bags.  All buttons fastened. Zippers zipped. Clothes freshly laundered or dry cleaned.  Clothes laid flat - folded once OR on hangers. You will get your hangers back.

Shoes must be wiped clean.

All furniture must be wiped clean & dust free.

We don't accept items will odors or pet hair.  

Bring up to 25 items at a time during our consignment hours. We will pre-sort your items while you shop & send you on your way with our passes. 

We pay a 40/60 split. 40% to consignors. Designer items make you more money! You can receive up to 70% on brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, & more! We pay you after your items sell.

Selling period is 90 days.

After 90 days items become Refashion property - but you are welcome to come pick up your items beforehand. After 90 days, we donate to local non-profits. We find a good home for everything but first we try hard to make you money by selling on multiple online platforms & hosting live sales on our Facebook page.

More perks to selling with us: Once you have money owed to you if you use it as store credit, you receive an additional 10% off your purchase. We can be an extra savings account - or never pay much for items for your wardrobe or home again when you recycle or "Refashion" with us! 

Clothing Brands we do not consign

American Eagle

Charlotte Russe

Old Navy


Time and Tru 




Sell your furniture without lifting a finger! Need to sell your furniture? Does selling it yourself take a huge investment of your time? Why risk inviting strangers into your home? At Refashion, we'll display your items for our eager clientele. If it's collectible, whimsical, exceptional, valuable and you're not using it...we want it! We do a 50/50 split on furniture. You get paid after your item sells.

To START Furniture Consignment email us pictures of your furniture items to:

 Furniture pick up rate is $90/hour.


For more information on our consignment process take a look at our consignment contract here!